With a background in special needs provision we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of users. At Immersive reality we have developed a multi media digital platform to meet the varied needs of users.

We believe that social interaction is vital and we create immersive environments where users and facilitators can engage with each other.

Our platform allows us to create and share both 360 degree video as well as truly immersive, free roam, CGI environments where anything is possible.

Based in Ireland and the UK we draw on the expertise of skilled, passionate people to create stunning immersive experiences.

Shared Experience

We have all seen Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and they are amazing. We have taken this technology and moved it forward from a single, exclusive activity to a shared, inclusive, experience.

Whether it is special needs, education or training we all benefit from collaborative activity and engagement with content and each other.


At Immersive Reality we have  developed a multi media platform that combines stunning 360 video with truly immersive computer generated environments.

We design and create truly immersive digital environments where users have free roam capability to engage with the content. Combined with 360 degree video we have created versatile multi use environments.


At Immersive Reality we have pushed forward the art of the possible and can project on all walls and the floor to truly benefit from the 360 degree experience.

User experience leads our design and ease of use is paramount. We have multiple means of engagement, through touch, gesture, adaptive and wireless controllers.

Contact Us

Lancaster House
70 – 76 Blackburn Street
Manchester, UK
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T: +0044 (0)161 731 0010
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