Immersive Reality for Healthcare

An Immersive Reality Space is the perfect solution for a range of different healthcare settings. 


Adult Day Care Centres 


An Immersive Reality Space is a shared environment specifically designed to promote social interaction, where people can discover together and engage with a world beyond the restrictions of the room. Everyone is able to participate, regardless of ability and the space is adaptable for individual or collaborative group exercises. An Immersive Reality Space makes almost any experience possible and offers dynamic, real-life simulations in a safe, controlled environment. This enables uses to develop key skills and encourage independence.  




We know that people are increasingly choosing hospice care at the end of their life. Immersive spaces work to ensure care and comfort for your users, by providing a calm, regulated, therapeutic environment. It is also the perfect setting to offer families and friends of loved ones, especially children, a place to play and interact. This time is precious for creating memories and shared experiences that may no longer be possible in real life. Importantly, the space also offers a peaceful setting, which can be used to talk openly and directly about death; helping to manage those final difficult moments.  


Nursing Homes 


Immersive spaces provide simulation experiences to make everyday tasks and events, past or present, a reality. We understand this is especially important for those that can no longer access these in real life and may be feeling isolated. The calming and relaxing environment gives your users an opportunity for social interaction and to take part in their favourite activities in a safe and controlled way, which is integral to improving quality of life at this precious time.