Immersive Classroom

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” – John Keats

An Immersive Reality space is the ultimate place in which to encourage sticky learning across the curriculum.

It gives the pupil a unique, interesting and stimulating immersive experience to enhance long term memory learning in almost any subject.

Pupils are immersed in various awe-inspiring scenes, making them feel like they are actually there. This mind-blowing experience makes learning any subject exciting and thrilling, ensuring information is retained more effectively.

They are able to interact with their surroundings to get hands on with History, Geography or any subject you are teaching, whilst also being able to interact with their peers. The beauty of an Immersive Reality space is that group work and activities in real time are the norm, unlike VR.

An Immersive Reality space is only as good as its content and ours is superb, constantly developing and improving.

Our programme of continuous content creation means our content is constantly evolving and developing, producing an awe-inspiring educational immersive space for all. So, whatever you need just let us know and we will create professional scenes for you and your pupils.

To see one of our amazing Immersive Classrooms in action, take a look at our YouTube channel or contact us to arrange a visit.