Intuitive User Control

Intuitive user control is at the forefront of an Immersive Reality space.

Our Immersive Reality spaces allow the user to have full control of the space in a variety of exciting and interactive ways. These include touch control on all walls, movement control on the floor and gesture control.

Our Immersive Reality space can also be accessed by the intuitive wireless Xbox Controller, which almost every teenager will have seen and used!

For those with additional needs, the space can be controlled using the incredible award winning Xbox Adaptive Controller. This opens up the room to those with limited movement or dexterity.

We’ve also teamed up with Experia, one of the UK’s leading developers of products designed for people with special needs, to enable the space to be controlled by their wireless IRiS Colour Selector and IRiS Cube.

As technology advances, so will the number of ways our immersive spaces can be controlled, so watch this space!

Total control means total immersion for the user, giving them the ultimate inspired and engaged experience. Combining the very latest in switching and superb content means that their experience is exciting, enthralling and rewarding.

If you think you deserve an Immersive Reality space, contact us here.