“Content is king” – Bill Gates

Digital Environments

Using state of the art media software, we create original and interactive digital content exclusively for our multi-user immersive spaces. 


Utilising the latest CGI, our in-house development team creates dynamic, interactive scenes that are as close to the real thing as possible. The use of this technology creates exceptional content that extends user engagement and gives an unsurpassed collaborative experience. From the micro to the macro, arctic to savannah, we take users on a fantastic interactive journey. 


Explore the galaxy to learn about the solar system. Swim underwater and interact with fish. Walk through a meadow and play with the butterflies. Board an underground train and learn how to navigate through tunnels and up an escalator – whatever you need, we have content to suit. 


Our unique controlled environments are perfect for simulation and training, with the added benefits of interaction with the environment, ideal for the “what if” scenario. You power the parameters! 

360 Video

Working with our partners, we create stunning 360 video and high-resolution images to inspire, educate, calm and excite people of all ages and abilities. 


We understand that content is vital, and every Immersive Reality environment comes packed with content created specifically for you. 


We work with you to continuously develop exceptional content personalised to transform the learning experience for all your users. We specialise in content for a wide range of sectors, including education, special needs, healthcare and professional development. We can also create bespoke content, which is made to order. 


With over 700 scenes to date, continuous content development ensures we are constantly evolving to produce awe-inspiring immersive experiences for all. 


Our gallery really demonstrates the versatility of an Immersive Reality space. Take a look at the many different ways you can utilise the environment in a dynamic, interactive and collaborative way.


From education and special needs, through to real life simulations and mental health and wellbeing, see how our inclusive platform has the technology and stunning content that will give every user the experience and opportunity to succeed.