An Immersive Reality space is the ultimate classroom, sensory room, therapy and communication room all in one. The unique shared space combines HD-quality projection on multiple walls and floors with stunning audio to produce multi-dimensional sensory experiences. With the addition of light, sound, aroma, wind, vibration, fog and even snow we create a rich and exciting environment.

Featuring outstanding full 360-degree HD video and images, as well as truly interactive computer-generated environments , the room delivers content that calms, distracts, relaxes and excites people of all ages and abilities.

Put simply, it is virtual reality without the headset, providing a multi-user, inclusive experience where users can interact with the content and each other.

Our Immersive spaces allow the user to have full control of the environment in a variety of exciting ways. These include touch and movement control, gesture control, wireless Xbox controller, as well as the incredible Xbox Adaptive Controller created by Microsoft.

The touch and movement control allows intuitive interaction, the Xbox wireless controller brings a familiarity to a huge range of users, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows those with limited movement or dexterity the opportunity to control the space. These features ensure the space is available to all, regardless of their age or ability.

The scenes couldn’t be easier to explore – simply tap a single button using a tablet to select a scene from our huge range of captivating content. Visit our YouTube channel here to preview our fantastic content.

If you deserve an Immersive Reality Space, email us at [email protected] or click here.