What is Immersive Reality?

Immersive Reality is a unique shared space, combining HD quality projection with stunning audio to produce multi-dimensional sensory experiences – put simply, it is virtual reality without the headset.

Combined with stunning 360 content, we create truly immersive and interactive environments to enthral all users and really deliver our goal of being easy to use and inclusive for all.

Virtual reality is made more accessible when there is no need for headsets, particularly for those with special educational needs.

This makes our system perfect for group participation, as it removes the need to put children in a headset that they may find overwhelming or isolating. Many children need the familiarity of seeing their teacher or carer, and our system ensures they can enjoy these new experiences together.

Immersive Reality opens up a whole new world of sensory experiences, from travelling around the world, to outer space, as well as interacting with exotic animals and trying out exciting new experiences.

The virtual environments can even be tailored to individuals, giving children access to specific environments and situations that help them to feel at ease and ready to learn, interact and play!

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