Why have an Immersive Space?

Immersive is inspirational.

‘Wow’… that’s usually the first word we hear when people first enter an Immersive Reality space. Or we are met with silence, as their jaw drops and they take in the sights around them.

Teenagers on first seeing the room have commented that the space is ‘badass’, ‘sic’ and ‘lit’ (me neither) – their words not ours, but we’re very pleased about it!

We can probably all agree that the best way to learn is through experience. It allows us to fully absorb the knowledge we gain, and it’s why we train and why schools offer work experience – it’s how humans learn.

However, in some circumstances it’s simply not possible to try something due to cost, health & safety concerns, or it’s simply not feasible. That’s where an Immersive Reality space excels. It’s a specially created room that breaks down barriers – making almost anything possible!

So, if you want to blast off into space and learn about the solar system, visit the Maasai Mara and interact with Lions and Elephants, swim with Dolphins, play with Butterflies, try paragliding or indoor skydiving, play in the snow, it’s all possible and much more in an Immersive Reality space. If you deserve an Immersive Reality space contact us here.