Funding Avenues

An Immersive Room is a long term and beneficial investment, and there are many funding avenues available to ensure you have the means to set up an Immersive Reality Space in your school.

Department of Education Guidance and Direct Funding:

The Department of Education supports Special Education Needs provision, and Code of Practice can be found here.

Current government guidance on High Needs funding can be found here.

Interpretation of direct funding is based on needs and does vary. Attached are two independent sites that explain the basic funding principles and are aimed at providing information to support the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) role within schools.

Provision Map:

Part of TES – Previously the Times Education Supplement. Click here to visit the website.

SEND Advice Surrey:

Although geographically specific, provides a good breakdown of direct funding. Click here to visit the website.

Asset Leasing:

Leasing is a means of utilising an asset without significant capital outlay. Rules on leasing within the Public sector are very strict and must only be used in relation to assets and be fully approved. Accounting rules introduced to the corporate sector called IFRS16 are due to be adopted by the public sector after a brief period of deferral.

Immersive Reality has partnered with the sector specialist, Funding 4 Education who will provide open and transparent details of leasing options.

Their flexible leasing programs enable you to get the equipment you need, rather than what your budget permits, allowing your school to deliver the ultimate learning experience.


Research and Development Grants:

Immersive Reality is committed to the ongoing development and application of digital technology in support of “Inclusion”, one of our primary strategic objectives.

Immersive Reality works with Universities and, on occasion, there is opportunity to include partner development schools as evaluation centres.

Charitable Support:

We have assembled a curated list of independent funding avenues that may be appropriate in helping you to achieve an Immersive Reality Space:

Community – 

SEN & Education –

Last updated 06.07.2022.