Immersive Spaces – VR without the headset!

What is Immersive Technology?

Immersive Technology extends or creates a new reality around a user, so whichever way they look they will see content. Content is digital – either computer generated imagery (CGI) or 360 degree video, and can be laid over the real world as augmented reality (AR) or replace the real world as virtual reality (VR).

This technology is developing quickly and driven by world leading companies, including Sony with its Playstation VR and Microsoft with its HoloLens.

The scope for immersive technology is phenomenal.

How are Immersive Spaces different?

At Immersive Reality we take all the benefits of virtual reality and then remove the headset. Why? Because we provide inclusive solutions.

Immersive spaces provide a shared, multi-user experience and this is really important for user engagement. Whether it is pupils and teachers or patients and clinicians, social interaction is vital for empathy and understanding. Studies led by Dr Mehrabian have concluded that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal.

Engagement is also really important. At Immersive Reality we have integrated leading technology to allow all users to engage fully with the content, whether it’s gesture, eye movement or touch, as well as Xbox adaptive controllers – we have got it covered.

To experience the power and impact of an immersive space contact us or email [email protected].