The Autism Page: Guest Blog Feature – What is Immersive Technology? And how it can help SEN pupils

We’re excited to announce that we have been featured on The Autism Page🎉
The Autism Page is a website created and managed by Jade, who is based in the West Country, UK.

She has 2 sons who are autistic, and when her eldest son was diagnosed, she found herself overwhelmed trying to find out more information. Because of this, she set up her website to help other people in similar situations.

Jade shares information about autism support that can be used at home, such as Attention Autism, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) and TEACCH. Her website also provides support for related paperwork such as Education, Health and Care Plans and Disability Living Allowance.

Her followers are predominantly parents of young autistic children, and professionals working in special educational needs (SEN).

A huge thank you to Jade for sharing our blog post – we hope you’ll find it an interesting read – the article discusses immersive technology and its benefits for SEN pupils. 📚

Click here to read our guest blog post.

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